Cafe Femenino

Local Coffee Shop & Bakery in Glendo, WY

Feel less tired and boost energy levels by making a stop at Kodi Rae's Coffee Shop & Bakery. We have a nice selection of medium, dark roast, and iced coffees, so you’re charged up and ready to complete your trip through Glendo, WY, and the surrounding areas.

Offering a Variety of Hot & Cold Drinks

Whether you like sugar and cream or take your coffee black, you’ll find something to satisfy your tastes at Kodi Rae's Coffee Shop & Bakery. Conveniently located across from the Angler’s Bar in the old Crazy Cowboy building, we’re up early every morning ready to serve guests their favorite hot and cold coffee drinks. Order your favorite hot mocha or cappuccino on ice to prepare for the day ahead.  

girl drinking coffee with smiling face

Benefit from Free Wi-Fi & Ample Seating

Take a break from your road trip and get your favorite drinks at our coffeehouse in Platte County. Inside, you’ll find an abundance of seating space and free Wi-Fi access for paying customers. Browse your favorite sites, play a game, or chat online with friends while you wait for a New York-style bagel or caffeinated beverage to be served. Get the best deals on bakery foods and espresso by contacting our coffee bar ahead of time.  

Try a New York-Style Bagel or Fresh French Toast

Nothing goes better with your daily caffeine fix than a New York-style bagel or yummy French toast. Come in early to be the first in line for our fresh bagels and bakery items. Whether you dine inside our coffeehouse or take your meal on the road, rest assured it’ll be made fresh by our specially trained baristas. Show your family a good time by visiting Kodi Rae's Coffee Shop & Bakery.

Enjoy Premium Coffee at Surprisingly Low Rates

No meal is complete without a cup of brew. Tell Kodi Rae’s Coffee Shop & Bakery precisely how you’d like it made and watch our baristas prepare the drink according to your needs. It delights our staff to see customers smiling after trying their first sip of java. 


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